About Lone Star Transport

Who we are

Lone Star Transport was founded in 2018 with over 10 years of experience guiding our decisions. We saw an opportunity to bring excellence to the oil transportation industry and have been delivering without compromise since. Being a new trucking company, we hire the best and make sure that every driver is trained in our software that makes our clients lives so much easier.


Meet Our Team

Shane Gardner - CEO & Founder

The founder and CEO, Shane Gardner, has been hands on in the trucking industry for over a decade. He’s been a long haul driver and understands the ins and outs of management, allowing him to build a team that delivers. Being born into the Trucking/Transport trade Shane has been deeply involved with every aspect of the trucking/oil hauling his entire life right alongside his father, Ron.

Because Shane has worked every facet of the trucking industry as well as oil hauling, he has developed the ability and skill set to understand all the ins and outs of management as well as the knowledge to navigate through struggles from the bottom to top. These well-earned skills and awareness have allowed him to build a team that delivers. In addition to his time spent trucking, Shane has disbursed some of his time working on the measurement and pipeline side of the oil industry allowing him to gain a better knowledge of gross/net barrels and short/longs for stations, thus increasing further his skill set and worth to his company.

Brad Malone - Operations Manager

Brad Malone started full time in the trucking industry in 1997. He had been involved with it for several years before hand while working on ranches and hauling cattle, he has hauled many things including cattle, live chickens, gasoline, propane, jet fuel and crude oil. Brad has worked in Iraq as a contract outside the wire driver as well as a bobtail for convoys. He also worked in North Dakota starting as a driver hauling crude, and worked his way to Operations Manager for a company there. He helped develop and lead the company for 6 years becoming involved in every aspect of the business including water and sand as well as the original crude trucks.

He knows the importance of doing a great job giving the customer the confidence to know their product is in good hands. Brad has done some consulting work for other trucking companies as well as quality control for companies. After leaving North Dakota he was the VP of a sand Hauling company in Texas , Oklahoma and Louisiana. Brad started with Lone Star as the Operations Manager in September of 2019 . He really liked the vision and team as well as the upper management of Lone Star. Brad is excited to be here and knows the quality and expectations of Shane. Brad and Shane agree on the quality of service, safety, reliability and they strive each day to insure this is maintained.

Attention to Detail

Honor, Pride and attention to detail separates us from the rest.  From the Core, which is our drivers, to the back office personal we take pride in who represents the Lone Star Transport brand.

Every trip is tracked, and updated in real time by our drivers and the tech on their rigs. Our clients have complete transparency on every trip because of our commitment to detail and future-thinking software.

Family First

Being in the trucking industry, we make sure that family comes first. Nothing will come before that. The families of our drivers deserve parents that show up and are fully present, which is why we take care of our Core when they’re on the road.

How You Succeed

Success comes from within and that starts with our drivers. They are on the front lines every day battling weather, traffic and unforeseen issues. Every time they overcome the odds to deliver on time, make it home safe, and uphold the Lone Star Transport mission, we all succeed.

Lonestar is the best company I have ever worked for. Lone Star is a company where you are treated with respect and appreciated for the hard work you do. A company where everyone works as a team from contractor to company drivers. That along with many more things is what makes Lonestar stand above the rest!! Hands down the best oilfield company to ever be a part of!

- Justin Davis | Company Driver